This Angle Line is BULLETPROOF The ABL-100HS. Hands down, the fastest large capacity angle and flat bar line on the market that is built for abuse. Learn More
The Industry Standard
3-Spindle Drill
DRL-348TC The most productive and largest capacity 3-Spindle
CNC drill line on the market. Available with 5 tools
changers per spindle.
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The Steel Industry REVOLUTION Your all in one process for material up to 48" wide with automatic plasma & oxyfuel cutting, marking and scribing with the power of True Hole plasma cut holes for AISC approved bolted hole connections. Learn More

Controlled AutomationQuality machines designed [&] built in the USA

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    From the fastest 3-spindle CNC drill lines on the market capable of processing the heaviest structural steel members to Bridge Girder Drilling.



    Ultra fast beam punching lines, angle & flat bar lines and plate punching systems for structural steel.


    Cutting & Marking

    True Hole capable plasma cutting machines with the latest in layout marking direct from 3D models.


    Saw Cutting

    New integrated saws are available for operation in tandem of Controlled Automation hole-making equipment or with a saw measuring system as stand-alone.


    SICAM Software

    SICAM is a networked software that communicates between machine and office increasing your productivity by simplifying the production process.

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