Outstanding Features for Outstanding Performance

  • High Speed plasma cutting for the most critical tolerance parts

    The unitized PlasMAX cutting system differs from any other plate cutting machine produced by Controlled Automation with its unique all aluminum gantry design for the highest speed accelerations between parts. This allows the PlasMAX combined with its high precision drive system to not only cut faster than any other system, but produce the most critically accurate plasma cut parts possible. The PlasMAX sits as the high speed and high precision cutting choice for material up to 4" (102mm) thick and with maximum material sizes up to 8' (2.5m) wide to 30' (9.2m) long.

  • Advanced Dual-Side AC Servo Drive System

    With the control systems available today, dual drive systems can be controlled to accuracies unable to be matched by single side drive systems. In addition, dual drives eliminate the high point loading on the guide rails generated by single side drive

    machines under acceleration, which lead to guide failure. Dual drive system on either end of the traveling gantry provides machine accuracies to +/- 0.15 mm/m (0.006”/36”)


  • Plasma automatic gas control (optional)

    Revolutionary plasma performance & cut quality

    The plasma automatic gas control sets, monitors and controls gas flows and pressures close to the torch for improved process consistency. The automatic gas control provides rapid switching from one gas process to another. This is common when switching from the cutting process to the marking process.


  • Advanced Plate Nesting

    Controlled Automation offers the cutting edge (no pun intended) in advanced shape nesting software and beyond. Our Nesting software is used throughout all Controlled Automation machinery for easy navigation between machines for the operator. We also allow seamless integration with a variety of communication tools unavailable on any other cutting machine in the world. Controlled Automation imports from all current 3D drafting models (such as Design Data SDS-2 and Tekla detailing software) and communicates with the latest inventory management software (such as FabTrol and FabSuite) to handle the cutting edge of production.

  • High-Precision Linear Rail System

    Our high-precision linear rail is made from hardened steel that is round instead of flat to ensure little debris to reside on the path of linear motion. This allows for smoother travel and less build-up of mill scale, dust and particles that affect cut quality at high accelerated travel speeds the PlasMAX is capable of.



Effective Cutting Length   4' to 30' / 1.2m to 9.2m
Effective Cutting Width   6' to 8' / 1.8m to 2.5m
Drive Configuration   Rack and Pinion, with AC digital servo amplifiers
Machine Speeds   Rapid Traverse 1,400 IPM / 36 mpm  
Positioning Accuracy   ±.007in.
Body Construction     Unitized
Dual Side Drive    All Models
Number of Torches Gas Control    
1 Oxy-Torch Manual or Automatic gas control    
1 Plasma station Manual or Automatic gas control    
Contour Bevel Capable
Larger Machines Available

In a cool 2 minute video Controlled Automation shows how the PlasMAX cutting system not only cuts faster, but produces...

Posted by Hypertherm on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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